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Your support is vital to help us provide and sustain essential services for the thousands of women, children and young people throughout Northern Ireland who experience domestic abuse.

Any support you can give to our work will be greatly appreciated, and please know you will be making a massive difference to the lives of women, children and young people who’ve experienced abuse locally. To donate online, head over to our Just Giving page where you can make a direct donation or set up a fundraising page. Donating via Just Giving also gives you the option to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer which adds 25% on top of your donation at no cost to you.

Donate with JustGiving.Pay with Mastercard, Visa, American express, PayPal, Apple Pay or Direct Debit.

Women’s Aid Federation also accepts donations via bank transfer or cheques.  Contact us or more information.

Your donation can make a real difference to women, children and young people who’ve experienced domestic abuse, by helping us to:

  • Deliver preventative education programmes that help children and young people feel safer in school and at home.
  • Support teachers and others to educate young people on abuse and the importance of healthy relationships
  • Promote the work of local Women’s Aid groups who are front line support services providing refuge and outreach support for women and children across Northern Ireland
  • Raise awareness and lobby government to provide support, education, protection and justice to ensure women and children can rebuild their lives
  • Educate and inform the public of the devastating impact domestic abuse can have on women and children’s lives.

You can also directly support the work of Women’s Aid in your community by:

  • Holding a fundraising event, like a wonderful coffee morning or a virtual quiz with loved ones.
  • Making a direct donation to your local Women’s Aid group.
  • Taking part in a sponsored event like a 10k run or a marathon.
  • Contact your local group today to find out how they can support you fundraising
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