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By donating to or fundraising for your local Women’s Aid group, you can help us provide vital support services for women, children and young people in your community who’ve experienced domestic abuse.

If you wish to donate to, or raise funds for your  local group, please contact them directly and they will be very happy to support you on your fundraising journey.

There are so many ways to fundraise and make a difference to local women and children:

  • Host a head scratching pub quiz
  • Doing a sponsored walk in your community, or even lacing up to do a marathon
  • Hosting a delicious coffee morning with friends or in your workplace.
  • Taking the plunge and doing a skydive
Start your journey today by contacting your  local Women’s Aid group to help make a difference!

Donating gifts

Women’s Aid welcomes donations of gifts at all times of the year. You can donate gifts by directly contacting to your local Women’s Aid group.

Gifts of toys and presents are especially appreciated by local children and young people we support during the festive period as it helps us ensure that they have a magical time whilst in refuge.

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