We are campaigning to scrap the rape clause and two-child cap in the UK

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Local Women’s Aid groups deliver a range of specialised support services throughout Northern Ireland to women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

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  • Handmaids

    Ask your political representative to #ScrapThe2ChildCap

    You may have seen our campaign to scrap the two-child cap and abhorrent 'rape clause', and wondered what you can do to voice your disgust about this shameful law. Well here's your chance... 
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    March of the Mummies

    Hundreds of mummies descended on Belfast, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester at Hallowe’en  – but it wasn’t the bandage-wrapped Army of the Dead that you might expect. These were… Read more →
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Get help if there is domestic violence in your home or you are concerned about your own relationship.

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