Solidarity from women's groups and Unions alike

We engage with survivors of domestic abuse, and we work in consultation with local Women’s Aid groups to develop our policy positions and ensure our policy responses are informed, not only by our own expertise of over forty years but also by the voices of survivors of domestic abuse.

We believe a clear strategic focus in this area is vital to:

  • challenge attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate domestic abuse
  • influence policy makers
  • contribute to effective partnership working, and
  • create real social change.

Our policy and lobbying work involves identifying priorities, based on our wealth of experience, changes at government level and what we regularly hear, on a regular basis, from women and children we work with. We then use this vital information to lobby for and create positive social change by influencing government, participating in research and working in partnership.

Influencing government

We continue to seize all opportunities for influencing government and creating real social change for families who experience domestic abuse. We do this in many ways including:

  • responding to government consultations
  • giving evidence to government assemblies, and
  • lobbying directly for change

Key priorities

  • Ensure the successful implementation of a Violence against Women and Girls Strategy in Northern Ireland.
  • Amplify the voices of women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse in our work with Government Departments and agencies across Northern Ireland.
  • Inform and monitor government strategy, policy and legislation in particular the implementation of Domestic Abuse and Civil Proceedings Act NI 2021.
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