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A collaborative partnership with Department of Education has enabled us to develop and roll out a two-day capacity building training programme for teachers Developing Social Guardians to Deliver Helping Hands.

The programme aims to:

  • assist teachers to understand the context and impact of domestic abuse on the lives of children and their families
  • assist teachers to develop preventative and early intervention strategies in relation to children who do not feel safe, especially children affected by domestic abuse.
  • enable teachers to deliver the Helping Hands programme linked to the curriculum.

Since 2010, 1, 613 teachers representing 575 primary schools have been trained.

Findings from independent evaluation

We commissioned Dr Helga Sneddon (Outcome Imps) to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the two-day Social Guardian Teacher Training Programme and the extent and impact of delivery of the Helping Hands programme in schools across Northern Ireland.

of teachers would recommend Helping Hands to other teachers
felt better prepared to help children deal with unsafe feelings
had been able to use what they learnt to safeguard children

What do teachers say about our training?

I think the Helping Hands programme will help teachers to feel more confident when dealing with sensitive issues. I think this is a course that should be available to all children in Schools across NI.

Great resource filled with lots of fun activities which are suitable and useful for all children.

It was very helpful in supporting the PDMU curriculum and for greater knowledge of domestic violence and the feelings children may have when witnessing or being a part of it.

The Helping Hands Pack is an excellent tool for delivering elements of the curriculum – great activity ideas that will help children in later life.

Teachers are social guardians. Abuse crosses all classes, we can help children to express their emotions. Early intervention is crucial.

I now have ideas on how to give children the language they might need to describe their feelings. I also have a clear understanding of how to seek support should a disclosure occur.

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