On Days 14 and 15 we ask:

  • that you volunteer on behalf of your local domestic or sexual violence charity
  • and that you donate to your local domestic or sexual violence charity.

This doesn’t have to mean working with victims, which is specialist work only carried out by expertly-trained professionals. You don’t have to work directly with victims of domestic and sexual violence to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

You could take your hobby and turn it into a fundraising idea – marathon relays, sponsored mud runs, charity football tournaments.

You could organise a gift drive through a local school drive for a Women’s Aid refuge or ask them to have a non-uniform day to raise money that could go towards helping other children and young people.

Or you could choose to donate directly to us, either through a cash gift or in your will. Whatever you choose to do, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, it will be massively appreciated.

And in case you’re wondering where your donations will go, let us reassure you that donating to your local charity supporting victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence you WILL make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland strives to welcome and support all women, children and young people affected by domestic and sexual violence. We provide refuge to women and their children experiencing mental, physical or sexual abuse. We provide a range of support services for women and children and young people. We run preventative education programmes in schools and other settings. We educate and inform the public, media, police, courts, social services and other agencies on the impact of domestic and sexual violence. We advise agencies in developing domestic abuse policies. We work in partnership with relevant agencies to ensure a joined-up response to domestic abuse.

We are incredibly grateful for any help that you can provide!

Here are some more fundraising ideas

And you can find ways to donate here.

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