On Day 13 we ask that you carry details of your local domestic & sexual violence Helpline in your purse or wallet, in case someone you know or meet ever needs them.

Domestic and sexual violence is a pervasive problem within our society. We are all likely know someone who has been affected by it even if we don’t know who that someone is right now. So today we ask that you pick up some local domestic and sexual violence helpline cards and keep one or two in your purse or wallet. Then, if someone you know or happen to meet discloses abuse to you, you can easily pass on a number that might be extremely helpful to them.

Likewise, if you work in an industry that is service orientated, such as hospitality, you could display some helpline cards in your establishment, and anyone affected by domestic and sexual violence could lift them when they need them.

24hr Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline – 0808 802 1414

Free to call and open to all women and men affected by domestic and sexual violence.

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