You may have seen our campaign to scrap the two-child cap and ‘rape clause’, and wondered what you can do to voice your disgust about this shameful law.

Well here’s your chance.

Many MPs and MLAs have been slow to take action on the two-child cap and rape clause, because they aren’t hearing about it from enough of their constituents. We need to change that.

We know that many of you think the ‘rape clause’ and 2 child cap are horrific and have to go. You’ve told us on the streets, in our services, on the phone and on social media. So we are asking you to write to your MP or MLAs and let them know how you feel.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to writetothem.com and type in your postcode
  2. Click on the name of your MP – this will generate an email to them.You can copy & paste our Template Letter if you’re stuck for time, or write your own. Once you’ve written to your MP, you could also write to your 5 MLAs (NB: local Councillor info is not up to date on this site so we don’t recommend using it to contact them).
  3. Hit SEND and let us know on Twitter & Facebook that you’ve asked your political representative to #ScrapThe2ChildCap
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