Last night, our Helpline manager Deirdre Teague was a panelist at Saying No: A Public Meeting to End Rape and Rape Culture, hosted by Belfast Feminist Network.

Deirdre joined MLAs Jennifer McCann (Sinn Fein) and Pam Brown (DUP), as well as Kirsten Thompson from the PSNI Rape Crime Unit and Criminal Justice Inspection‘s Rachel Lindsay, to discuss how to tackle sexual violence and the attitudes that normalise sexual violence.

The evening also saw the launch of research commissioned by Belfast Feminist Network on attitudes to rape, the results of which showed that although there is some improvement in knowledge about rape and rape culture, victim-blaming is still pervasive in throughout our society.

Attendees also watched the short film ‘The Way I See It’, created by Campaign Social‘s Matthew Bonner. You can check out the film below.

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