Group Of Multiethnic Women Wear Pink Shirt

Sign our petition to the Northern Ireland Assembly and help make a difference to the lives of women & girls.

This means in Northern Ireland, women & girls are being let down by the lack of a strategy to tackle gender-based violence, simply because of their postcode. In England, Scotland & Wales, these specific strategies mean that there is a meaningful focus from regional governments on the need to stop gender-based violence against women & girls in their nations.

This petition is calling on the Northern Ireland Assembly to develop and implement a Violence Against Women & Girls Strategy in NI.

In the year 2019/2020, Women’s Aid NI supported 561 women and 316 children in our refuges. In our community outreach support, we supported 5,536 women and 5,143 children who have experienced domestic abuse right across Northern Ireland.

In this same year, the PSNI attended a domestic abuse incident every 17 minutes.

By signing this petition, you can help make a difference to every women and girl in Northern Ireland.

The time to act is now! Thank you for your support.

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