On May 5th 2022, the public will go to the polls to elect 90 MLAs to the
Northern Ireland Assembly, 5 of which will be representing your local area.
In the last mandate a number of key pieces of legislation were passed by
the Assembly including, The Domestic Abuse & Civil Proceedings Act, and
The Protection From Stalking Bill, which gave much needed extra
protections to victims of domestic abuse.

You have the power to vote for your local MLA who can help improve the lives of victims of domestic abuse in your community.

This new Assembly will have powers to help bring real change through
legislation and decision making by Ministers, so it’s a vital opportunity for
you to use your voice and our 7 key questions of your candidates on how
they will help victims of abuse as they canvass for your vote.

You can vote on Polling Day, 5th May 2022, at your designated Polling Station from 7am to 10pm

Download a copy of our Manifesto by clicking the button below today

Download Publication Northern Ireland Assembly Election Manifesto 2022
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