Guard 3

On 7 March 2013, Annie Campbell (WAFNI Director) attended the launch of Fermanagh Women’s Aid Guard Against Violence Project in Enniskillen.

This project enables participants to understand the cultural context of violence and promotes a proactive approach to more peaceful reconciled relationships across the border counties.

The project takes a cross community and cross border approach to addressing the abuse of human rights and respect for law that are inherent within domestic abuse, sectarianism and other forms of hate crime.

It is important to note that within the North of Ireland, we have safety mechanisms for information sharing such as MARAC but no such equivalent exists in Monaghan, Sligo and Donegal. Nor does any network exist for information sharing and referral systems.

The work has potential to be used as a model of best practice to inform the wider understanding and practice between people and multi sectorial partners on the island of Ireland and between Ireland and Britain to work together for safer communities and healthier relationships.

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