Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid Refuge is home to many families this Christmas, who have been forced to leave their homes due to domestic abuse.

The families housed in the refuge primarily have young children, and moving into the communal living environment can be a daunting experience.

Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid is working hard to make the move into and from refuge as comfortable as possible, through ensuring the refuge is a welcoming and homely environment and the move-on accommodation is adequately furnished and equipped.

The organisation is asking the public this Christmas to consider donating an item of equipment from the Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid Amazon Wish list.

To donate,  simply follow the instructions at Amazon.co.uk:

  1. Sign in to Amazon.co.uk
  2. Go to Find a Wish. Then click on Find a Wish List (top right corner of the Amazon.co.uk Home page)
  3. Enter: Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid and search
  4. Once you’ve found the list you’re looking for, you can Click Remember if you’d like to save a link to it or simply purchase items from the list.

Through providing the comforts of home, we ensure the women and children who live here feel welcomed as well as feeling safe and secure. This will help make the accommodation for those women and children who have had to leave their own homes due to domestic abuse, as comfortable as possible. The list contains items such as tea towels, cutlery and lampshades, the homely touches that make a house a home.

 Martina Watson, Manager, Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid Refuge

To give you an idea of the scale of abuse in the home in Northern Ireland, PSNI were called out to 27,628 domestic motivated incidents last year which is on average every 19 minutes of every day of the year and 7 of the murders in Northern Ireland in that time had a domestic motivation.

Last year, Mid-Ulster Women’s Aid provided accommodation, support and/or intervention directly to over 500 women and children who were in a domestic abuse situation and PSNI in the Mid-Ulster area were called out on average 4 times a day every day.

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