Helen is a refused asylum seeker, and a mother. She came to the UK after being persecuted for her political activities in Ethiopia in 2003. She lives with her three children in London and she is now blogging stories of her daily life in her Diary of a Refugee Mother. 

The diary shows the very human side of what it’s like to be a refugee, a mother, and a woman in the UK. Many asylum seekers in the UK are fleeing persecution and threat of very real violence against themselves and their daughters. Currently, the UK government does not tend to recognise gender-based violence as a valid criteria for granting refugee status here. Helen is writing her story and her blog with the help of Women for Refugee Women, a charity consisting of women who aim to eradicate the injustice experienced by women who apply for asylum in the UK.

To read Helen’s diary, click the link: http://diaryofarefugeemother.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/hello-world/

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