Course Title: Understanding Coercive Control
Course Delivery Options:In Person TrainingWebinar
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Coercive control is an intentional pattern of behaviour (often used alongside other forms of abuse), which can include threats, excessive regulation, intimidation, humiliation and enforced isolation. It is designed to punish, dominate, exploit, exhaust, create fear, confusion and increase dependency in a woman (or a woman and her children). Over time, it can lead to a complete loss of self. The aim of this course is to provide attendees with awareness and understanding of coercive control.


This is a trauma informed course, exploring the methods of coercive control used by perpetrators and it’s impact on victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It will also equip attendees with understanding of the relevant legislation.

Who needs it?

Open to any professional, student or individual who supports people who may be affected by domestic abuse.
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