By providing a range of training programmes and opportunities, to a wide range of professionals including, the Police Service Northern Ireland, Public Prosecution Service, Health and Social Care Trusts, Teachers, Youth Workers etc. we can increase understanding of the context and impact of domestic abuse on victims and survivors.

We believe everyone can do something to address domestic abuse in our society and our training explores the specific roles organisations can play.

We can tailor training programmes to the needs of specific organisations and can help them, not only to develop their understanding and knowledge of domestic abuse, but also increase their confidence and skills in delivering trauma informed support services.  All our training programmes are evaluated and positive feedback consistently evidences the quality of programmes and impact on learning.

All our training programmes are informed by survivor’s voices, and we consult continuously with survivors of domestic abuse, using our survivor engagement strategy, to ensure we are giving them a voice and utilising their experiences to enhance learning for others.

If you would like to discuss your training needs, please get in touch.

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