On Day 11, we ask that organisations implement a domestic abuse workplace policy so that victims of domestic abuse are supported by their employer and are safe in the workplace.

domestic abuse and abuse impact victims in a variety of ways. One aspect of a person’s life that can be affected is their working life. A victim may be distracted in work because of what is going on at home. She may run late on occasion. She could potentially have to take time off from work due to stress, hospital appointments, child care concerns or to take time to move out of a home shared with an abusive partner. We ask that employers be sensitive to these needs and develop a workplace policy to deal with domestic abuse which allows victims to feel secure at work.

The Departments of Health and Justice, in conjunction with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and expert organisations including Women’s Aid, have produced guidelines on workplace domestic abuse policy. The guidance includes information onhow a workplace policy can benefit businesses, what a workplace policy should cover, and what support measures employers can take to help keep their employees safe.

You can access the full guidance here: https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/sites/default/files/Developing-a-Workplace-Policy-on-Domestic-and-Sexual-Violence.pdf 

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