We believe preventative education work with all children and young people is essential. Preventative education challenges attitudes and sends out a clear message that domestic violence is unacceptable. It also highlights and demonstrates to children and young people that support is available.

We have been delivering preventative education programmes at primary and post primary levels since 1996. These programmes present an early intervention for those who may be experiencing domestic violence and also those who may be at risk.

We work with children and young people in primary and post primary schools and community settings across Northern Ireland, using our creative education programmes such as Helping Hands and Heading for Healthy Relationships (H4HR). This area of work was developed in partnership with the Department of Education to ensure it complements the curriculum.

As demand for this provision has increased, we need to focus on capacity building within the education sector, to promote maximum impact across Northern Ireland.

We want our messages about non violence heard in every school.

Joint funding from the Domestic and Sexual Violence Unit DHSSPS and the Department of Education has enabled the development and implementation of a strategic capacity building approach. This has included, project mapping, the review and redesign of programmes and design of  Developing Social Guardians – a two day capacity building training programme for teachers.

If you have a query about our preventative education work, contact the  Regional Finance and Training Manager – tel: 02890 249 041

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